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What if the same benefits of going to a regular spa - what we call "an offline spa" - to physically heal, relax and eliminate stress - were also available in an online community that was specifically designed to help you feel better? 

Our invitation is to help you feel good again about the beauty, joy and richness of Life.

How would your life feel different if you were connected to others who encouraged you to take time for yourself?

What would it feel like to experience the full expression of life on your terms?

What would it feel like to be heard? To know that your perspective matters and that your feelings are acknowledged and validated.

You are the expert of your unique life experience. This means you have Truth and Wisdom to bring to our collective understanding of the human experience.

Imagine a safe space where you can feel like you can be unapologetically you...and if that means taking time to figure out who you really are, we’re here for that too. 

TheOnlineSpa is a community of curious souls willing to explore our unique life experiences to reveal a broader Truth so that we can collectively amplify our divine right to freedom, growth & joy.

--Welcome to TheOnlineSpa--

A place without expectations for engagement - you are here for yourself and all of your needs matter.

We want you to feel the weight fall off your shoulders.

We invite you to really tap into your natural talents and feel the Love, Confidence and Exhilaration of sharing your thoughts and beliefs in an effort to broaden our collective perspective.

This is a space for self reflection. We want you to literally take time to think about yourself so that you can become more of who you already are. 

We invite you to bask in the joy of self-discovery and consider what it's like to be 100% Human and 100% Spiritual. A perfectly imperfect contradiction of being a flawlessly flawed human being. 

About Your Host: Jonny

  • Certified Professional Coach through ICF (International Coaching Federation)
  • Former Financial Advisor specializing in Investments, Life Insurance and Your Money Blueprint as it relates to Your Dream Journey
  • Adventure seeker, world traveler and provocateur of career breaks, sabbaticals and chasing your Big Dream
  • Current Goal: highlight and celebrate the heart-centered leaders in order to bring more emotional intelligence into the workplace

About Your Host: Ashley

  • Certified Professional Coach through ICF (International Coaching Federation)
  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner
  • NETA Certified (National Exercise Trainers Association) Group Fitness Instructor
  • Leader of live events, multi-day retreats, and outdoor adventures to reconnect with the power of nature
  • Current Goal: bring back and nurture real relationships and connections to ourselves and others through vulnerable sharing of our Truths and playful interaction.

Another reason why we've created TheOnlineSpa is to offer professional coaching services to be more accessible. When we can powerfully serve a group of people, we can make a bigger impact in everyone's lives.

Here's what folks have to say about working with Jonny and Ashley:

"You guys I don’t know if you know this, but I work with a coach. He’s incredible and so helpful in my life and mindset. If you’re looking for someone who can help you move past your self imposed barriers, I can’t recommend Jonny Richard enough."
- Maria M.

You're a genius. I can't wait to share my epiphanies with you :) I am enjoying my newly found perspective on life.
- Wendy B.

"I have taken a lot of time over the last week to think about the things we talked about and my options and much closer to making a decision and I feel much more clear and confident about things. I appreciate you helping me to sort out my thoughts and it showed me some areas I need to work on personally and I feel like I am in a good spot right now."
- Krista R.

"Thank you for your time today. I was not expecting such a profound and emotional experience.  I didn't realize, until you pointed it out, the change in me just talking about [my goal]. Thank you, Ashley, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me see the joy in such an adventure."
- Steve P.

THIS GIRL!!! Has helped me mentally process more in just a few sessions I’ve had with her then a counselor that I have had in the past for multiple years on end!! She is a fellow mama, wife, activated, motivated, kind, understanding without ANY kind of judgement person… and just an all around good human. I feel like everyone could benefit from a chat with Ash. Give it a shot. Set up a time to chat. See what happens.
- Miranda G.

"I had the pleasure of working with Ashley over a few months and through that time, I dealt with loss, grief and some major health challenges. Having an amazing coach like Ashley hold space for me to process everything that was going on in my life was extremely reassuring and honestly, transformative. There were deep hidden blocks holding me back from truly manifesting the life and health that I wanted for myself and Ashley’s powerful coaching helped me to move past those blocks and shift my mindset around what wellness really is for me. Thanks to Ashley’s gentle yet direct coaching, I formed new habits that foster optimal health and I now enjoy a completely new way of seeing the mind-body connection. I finally have peace around my health and it’s all thanks to Ashley’s help on my wellness journey! I highly recommend her coaching to anyone looking to achieve greater health and wellness in their lives."
- Laura L.

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